Beware of Rogue Locksmiths: Tips to Avoid Locksmith Scams

Getting locked out of your place or car has the power to throw anyone into the deep pits of frantic frustration. This type of situation might vary in the level of emergency, but it is always an unwelcome development. You will be seeking locksmith services in such times, and there is no way to figure out which service is reliable because you might be tempted to compromise quality in favor of the speed of the locksmith.

You should know that many people get scammed by fraudulent locksmith services in such scenarios. It is a terrible thing, but it happens to the best of us. In order to help you avoid locksmith scams and rogue locksmiths, we have made this list that will assist you in getting the best out of your locksmith service provider.

Research in Advance

If you’ve stumbled upon this article without a locksmith service provider, it’s high time to shortlist 2-3 options proactively. This preparation ensures you won’t succumb to mindless panic during a locked-out situation. In emergencies, the rush involved hinders thorough research. Maintaining a list of providers for unforeseeable situations proves beneficial, offering a proactive solution.

Seek Recommendations.

Spread the word among friends, colleagues, and neighbors about your search for reliable locksmith services. This outreach not only alerts your network to your needs but also invites recommendations from those who have already benefited from trustworthy service providers. Leveraging personal recommendations enhances your chances of finding reliable locksmith services.

Be Wary of Low Advertised Prices.

The saying ‘if it’s too good to be true, it probably is’ fits the description of rouge locksmiths as well.  If you come across quotes from a lock opening service provider that is surprisingly low, you might be in for a scam. The low-price advert acts as a bit, and the service provider will later slap on extremely high hidden prices. This is why it is good practice to get an initial quote, ask about the hidden charges, and then compare the costs after the service is delivered to see if they match.

Ensure Locksmith’s Expertise Beforehand

Any professional service will probably ask for a picture or type of the lock they will be dealing with so they can send in a resource who has a firm grip on the situation. Any expert locksmith will be able to unlock your door without needing to drill or damage anything. This is not to say that sometimes drilling is not necessary but that happens in very rare cases. Most of the locks’ mechanisms can be maneuvered without having to resort to any brutal force. In some instances, the scammers will try to break a lock in order to replace it with a costlier lock.

Verify Credentials & Address

When hiring a professional locksmith service, it’s crucial to ask for qualifications and certifications. This step ensures that you can authenticate the expertise of the individuals you are entrusting with your locksmith needs. Additionally, confirming the existence of a viable physical address for their business is essential. Many subcontractors and rogue locksmiths provide fake addresses, making it difficult to follow up in case of any wrongdoing. Taking these precautions adds an extra layer of security to your choice of locksmith service.

Review Online Reputation

A quick and effective way to gauge the professionalism of a locksmith is by checking online reviews on platforms like Google Reviews and Yelp. While one or two negative reviews might be isolated incidents, a consistent pattern of unfavorable feedback should raise a red flag that demands attention. Prioritize locksmiths with positive and reliable customer reviews for a more trustworthy service.

Inspect Their Vehicle

When your locksmith arrives to address your lock concerns, take a close look at their vehicle. A lack of branding or an unmarked, suspicious car may suggest a lack of affiliation with a legitimate business. Legitimate locksmith services typically use branded vehicles for their crew. Examining their mode of transportation can provide an additional layer of assurance regarding the credibility of the locksmith you choose.

Speak Out Against Scams

In the unfortunate event of falling victim to a scam, it’s important not to remain silent. Take action by reaching out to the Better Business Bureau and sharing your experience through online reviews on visible platforms, and, if necessary, consider filing a police report. Your voice can contribute to raising awareness and preventing others from facing a similar situation.


In a perfect world, security concerns in such situations would be nonexistent. Unfortunately, there are individuals who may attempt to take advantage of someone else’s misfortune. By adhering to the tips outlined above, you increase your chances of safely avoiding locksmith scams and identifying professional services.

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